Relocating nests of social wasps - 2006

This year (2006) has so far been quite an exciting year in many aspects, including relocations. I have become really seasoned at locating wasp nests, and found numerous nests of many different species this year. Some of them were built in urban areas, so I eventually relocated them. Although I met with many failures, I learnt a lot from these experience, and will be better equipped to handle similar situations in future. And the successes this year have been considerable.

Follow the links below for accounts of relocations carried out in 2006.

Polistes japonicus (successful)
Polistes gigas (unsuccessful)
Vespa velutina (unsuccessful)
Polistes sagittarius (unsuccessful)
Parapolybia varia (partly successful)
Polistes sagittarius (successful)

Relocations carried out in 2005
Relocations carried out in 2006