Leptodialepis bipartitus

Common name(s): Yellow-headed spider-hunting wasp

Usually in the range of 23 to 26mm. Very long legs. Head mostly yellow-orange. Eyes black. Antennae long and yellow. Front part of thorax yellow. Legs yellow. Body mainly black. Wings black with metallic blue sheen under sunlight.

This species is one of Hong Kong's largest Pompillids, and one of the most spectacular. It generally targets wandering spiders of the family Sparassidae, as do most of Hong Kong's spider-hunting wasps. It is not very common, but can be seen throughout Hong Kong's rural areas and country parks in spring, summer and autumn. It has a rather unique nesting habit; it always uses drainage holes in monsoon drains or bank retaining walls. It can move great distances, even with its heavy prey, and is extremely quick both on foot and on the wing. This is one reason why I have not had much success photographing it. A blurred photo (due to the wasp running at top speed) can be seen on the main Pompillid page.

The photo below copyright and courtesy of Christophe Barthelemy.